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So as the pick-up requests came in, I went on multiple visits to the Apple store, buying no more than 2 per day since I had heard there was a limit per person.I found this whole situation pretty funny considering I had never bought an Apple product prior to this madness (the i Pod Touch I use at work was given to me by my medical school).Here are the errors that can be fixed by following this guide: This solution is pretty easy to perform.The internet connection can be the main reason for i Phone apps not downloading problem.

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Here’ are the steps to do that: By tapping the Home Button two times, you can see the list of apps that are active and close them by swiping up.While many i Phone owners love their device to death, a majority of them face problems which disrupts their experience.One of these issues is the failure to download or update apps from the App Store.But the store recently went completely out of stock.I had one last order to fulfill so an employee helped me place a reservation.

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