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Men at work- down under: there is literally no other song out there as Aussie as this, every Australian knows the words even if they don’t know the name or band they know the song and will sing along to it with out even realising which is why it’s the number one great Australian rock song! This is a song by “the Doctor” — not the usual singer in the band. It is just one of those songs that swings you into motion, has good vibes and could listen to over and over again, the words are drastically accurate and so real. Daryl Braithwaite - The Horses is special to me because it the song that was played at the beach live by him and that same time i meet my amazing girl i been with now for 8 months and we are now engaged Pete Murray- Lines. Suze Demarchi rocked it out (showed what Aussie rock's all about). A song that embraces friendship, family, fun and the Australian sunshine. My girlfriend and I were gutted when the tickets sold out but then they released a few extra seats so we quickly got tickets and found ourselves sitting in the best seats ever. I believe the ultimate great Australian rock song is April Sun in Cuba by Dragon because my dad used to sing it when he was in his band.This long is special in so many ways because it brings a lot of emotions as well as thoughts. So every time I hear it on the radio it makes me think of him as I don't see him very much. IT takes me back to my younger days when me and all my mates we would all meet up on our pay day at the club for drinks and we all would sing to that song when it came on the jukebox. It's a brilliantly constructed song that describes the feeling of being away from the one you love; a song I can certainly relate to when my partner works away.Land Down Under - it is all about Australia, sung by Australians, and in true Aussie fashion it has been accused of flogging part of its own music from someone else, creating many discussions and heated arguments around the darts table at the local Pub.Have to go with THE ANGLES - AM I EVER GUNNA SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN.Down under would have to be the best Australian rock song it reminds me of Australia and I love the classic line he just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich that is classic Aussie.I have great memories of this song in summer with my friends and my boom box hanging out singing together on our front lawn.Going through the roller coaster of that first love and the passion and heartbreak that goes with it.

You can't help someone who isn't willing to comply or play their part. This is what gives Aussie music its charm and charisma.

That song sounds and feels like a warm 1970s summer day, and brings back happy memories of carefree days, with Uncle Alan asking, "If you hate the music so much, why do you keep singing along to the song?

"The Ultimate Great Australian Rock Song for me is Little River Band - Help Is On It's Way.

Eagle rock is a great Australian rock song as i used to sneak mums daddy cool cd into my room and listen to that song and that song only when i was a little bit younger and danced to it and also scratched the cd out by playing one song The nips are getting bigger - Mental As Anything. Think i even have a hand bag with their signatures on it lol I believe that Russell Morris' Van Diemen's Land song is the ultimate Great Australian Rock song.

I was completely obsessed with this song a few years ago (I was born in the wrong decade! At the time I was travelling 45 minutes one way to work and I would play this song at least three times. It tells the story in song form of my beautiful little state of Tasmania and it's history.

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