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From video podcasts to "Let's Play" walkthroughs of video games, there's plenty of stuff you can watch for long periods of time on any device ... Be warned: You Tube video creators have the option to attach advertising to their content, which they often exercise.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a network with the programming pedigree of HBO. HBO Go for the Xbox One is currently only available to US customers who subscribe to the HBO channel on cable.

We'll keep this best-of list constantly updated with the newest apps you should download, and if we've left off your favorite, let us know in the comments section. If there was a Mount Rushmore of video streaming apps, Netflix would be George Washington.

The formerly mail-only DVD rental service has grown astronomically in the last half-decade, and now the video streaming service works with almost every new device that has (or can connect to) a screen.

While the channel is still a haven of recent hit movies, Home Box Office's real draw is the many amazing shows it's aired over the years. Fortunately, most cable operators offer basic packages that carry local broadcasts networks and HBO for a reasonable price (usually in the -a-month range).

HBO Go is a service that collects a good swath of recent movies and almost every major program that's aired on the channel since the late '90s. HBO has announced a standalone option called HBO Now, set to debut exclusively on Apple TV in April, but it won't be available on non-Apple devices until July at the earliest.

It also offers some of the greatest movies of all time due to owning exclusive streaming rights for the Criterion Collection. While you can watch plenty of shows for free on Hulu's website, getting access to Hulu's content on devices like the Xbox One will run you .99 per month.Streaming video games can be fun, but it's often a lot harder than it looks.At the very basic level, you need to find a computer powerful enough to multitask both a resource-intensive game and a high-bandwidth stream.The original and best video streaming service has become more than just three-minute videos of cats yawning and people falling.You Tube has grown immeasurably since it started a decade ago, to the point where artists are able to make a living by creating long-form programming on the world's most popular video site. You Tube is free to download and watch, though some creators (mostly movie studios) do charge rental fees for their programming.

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