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His personality, represented by the works called into existence by his productive capacity, forms a part of nature or the universal whole ; for it thus constitutes a more or less important link in the chain of actualities by which the universe is built up, and by means of which its constant transformations are in part effected. The immor- tality of individual man is hased upon this principle. Society is the product of natural evolution, and of slow but pro- gressive development. Their hollow theories are simply day-dreams that can never be realised. built up with much labour after numerous advances and retrogres- sions upon a solid foundation which corresponds with the nature of things ; and though the structure may be improved, embellished, and may even, to some degree, be renovated in its detail, yet it can never be demolished. With the exception of the Chinese and the Japanese, it has cultivated no art, has originated no science, and has contributed but little to the progressive advancement of civilisation and the promotion of the well-being and happiness of mankind. Its mode of thinking is a dull, unvaried routine, based upon every-day experience, and forced upon the attention by stubborn facts which are irresistible. It wiped out the past, and the future was marked with faint shadows of uncertain meaning, which grew and became consolidated into colossal figures that gave A 2 PEELIMINAEY OBSERVATIONS. It became the uni- versal destroyer, the avenger of destiny to punish the accumulated wrongs of ages, by pitiless annihilation.

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It probably took thousands of centuries to produce and develop a well-organised language; and without a language of which the parts of speech give expression by articulate word-formation to all visible objects, to qualities, to actions, to num- bers, to accidents of time and space and to human thought in the abstract, society and even the lowest degree of civilisation of the savage state would be impossible.

" Hunc igitur terrorem animi tenebrasque, necesse est, Non radiei solis, neque lucida tela diei Discutiant, sed Naturae species, Ratioque." — Lucretius. Here were ancient forests, overgrown with majestic trees, whose shade-diffusing foliage was of the brightest, green.

The Turanian stock was first developed in Siam, in the valley lying between two mountain ridges, where the Meinam river washes the sandy banks with its gentle current, and discharges its waters into the gulf.

Intrepid in attack, steady in the pursuit of its object, undaunted by danger, and regardless of opposition, its mighty legions overran the most beautiful countries of the civilised world, and humbled the proudest and most powerful nations, marking its track with fire and sword, and leaving nothing behind but death and utter desolation.

By the aid of brute force and overwhelming numbers, it has become a conquering and an all-subduing power.

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