Lesbians dating websites

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I work pretty hard, my job is important to me and I like being able to make a difference I love I would like to introduce myself as an outgoing, confident person who values honesty and integrity.

I value communication and enjoying lifes pleasures such as dining out, appreciating art and culture and immersing myself in the joy of artistic expression. I work in humanitarian organisations and care deeply Hi, I am a friendly and easy going person who loves the outdoors.

I am in one relationship that is stable and we see Professional, (retired about 7 years ago) Likes good companion, well travelled,loyal, current affairs, good wine, to share things in life (daily things, or important moments),markets .. being there Nicole here, I love gaming online with my friends, reading and going to dog parks.

The rest of my week involves working full time, playing kiss-chasey with my cat, waiting hand and foot on the smartest puppy you will ever meet and/or DIY-ing my home I am looking to make a connection with someone who is open minded and down to earth.

My favourite things in life is A=Adrogynous/Amorous/Affectionate/Adorable R=REAL/Romantic/Respectful/Reliable/Relinquish T=Tranquil/Tantric/Tantalising/Teasing E=Elvis/Esoteric/Eclectic/Enchanting/Exquisite/Expressive M=Masterful/Magical/Mysterious/Monogamous/Mistifying I=Intuitive/Inflamed/Intelligent/Impulsive/Independent/Intoxicating S=Selective/Stylish/Sensual/Seductive/Sexual/Serene/Sensitive ~I´m the one your mother warned you about~ LOL! I seek the subtext of life yet try to keep it light. I am a work in progress and try to stay inspired and interested! I like to go bushwalking, riding my bike and swimming.

j/k Kindness in words creates confidence, Kindness in thinking creates profoundness, Kindness in giving creates love ~Confidence is the key to a strong mind Love is the Hello! Sensitive souls tend to appreciate Hi I thought I better update profile Still easy going and love to travel . I now like romantic Me - I am into music, art, theatre, movies/TV, sport and great coffee. If you are also an active person and open minded towards kids (I have 2 sons, 15 and 10 years old) then I am 36 and work full-time in the tertiary education system.

[oh] and I'm attracted to energetic femmes who possess mainly [three] features - animal lover, femme or tomboyish femme, career driven, fitness driven, 100% gay 2013- Im a 39 year old, tall, slender build woman, who is self sufficient, caring but a little rough around the edges!! I have a very strong network of friends (such precious women) & family but am always keen Hello, (I'm currently a basic member and I'm unable to respond to messages.

Are there any women out there in their 40's/early 50's, who enjoy life, are good As i quietly reflect on "all"of the years that have passed me by it honestly feels like i have lived the most amazing and fullest life.

I am also a twin to an incredibly beautiful sister.

If you've contacted me, I appreciate receiving your message).

I'm looking for friendship, and ultimately a relationship, where we're each other's cheer squad, where we're not competing I like eating out, movies, gardening, reading, intellectual conversation particularly around social justice issues.

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