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D.–is the first of its kind recovered in the Philippines.

It was part of an ancient burial practice, with the gold mask serving as an amulet against evil spirits.

It features black and brown specks in the paste as well as lotus scroll with pointed leaves on the rim.

On its center, you can clearly see a dark-blue flying elephant design made even more dramatic by a background of stormy and foamy waves.

21 is also the only jar depicting a male sex organ.

(plank boat) in Philippine history was recovered in Butuan City. Bolunia, the said “mother boat”–estimated to be at least 25 meters long–is believed to be the main “safekeeping” boat where trade goods and supplies were stored.The formidable Bolinao Skull is only one of 67 skulls recovered from the Balingasay Archaeological Site in Bolinao, Pangasinan.They were found along with several Early Ming dynasty (1368-1644) ceramics.Also Read: Shocking Philippine Hoax – The Code of Kalantiaw Even more surprising is the fact that the Philippines’ oldest document was neither a poem nor a song but a legal document called Another National Cultural Treasure, this blue-and-white dish with flying elephant design is one of only two pieces ever recovered in the world.It was retrieved from the Lena Shoal wreck site in Palawan in 1997 through an underwater exploration project initiated by the Far Eastern Foundation for Nautical Archaeology (FEFNA) and the National Museum. 1500), the porcelain dish was recovered from the wreck site of a Chinese trading vessel.

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