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The) near the village of Chiscau, a cave of rare beauty, hosting a vast range of stalagmites and stalactites as well as fossil traces of the cave bear species extinct 15,000 years ago The Wind Cave, the longest cave in Romania (more than 24 miles) The Iron Gates of the Danube (), the narrow Danube gorge between the Carpathian & Balkan Mountains The Nera Gorges (35 km from Oravita) History Museum in Arad Tara Crisurilor Museum in Oradea Museum of Theatre History in Oravita, the oldest theatre in the country Art Museum in Timisoara Banat History Museum in Timisoara Banat Village Museum in Timisoara State Philharmonic House in Arad State Theater in Arad German State Theater in Timisoara National Theater & Opera House in Timisoara State Philharmonic in Timisoara Theater in Satu Mare State Philharmonic in Satu Mare Semenic-Cheile Carasului National Park – wildest cave system in Romania Nerei Gorges -Beusnita National Park - wild gorges and unspoiled natural habitats Iron Gates Nature Park – Danube river gorges, including the narrowest on its path Domogled Valea Cernei National Park – over 100 caves, impressive gorges and rare wildlife Retezat National Park – 80 glacial lakes, including the largest (Bucura, 21 acres) and deepest (Zanoaga, 95 feet) in Romania Biking, Camping, Caving, Fishing, Hiking, Nature walks, Skiing, Wildlife and bird watching The local cuisine of Banat, displaying Austrian, German and Hungarian influences, is based mainly on pork and on richly spiced vegetables.

Sour cream, thyme, tarragon, cumin and hot paprika are favored to spice up the dishes.

The interior reveals two impressive open spaces: the landscaped patio and the 27-meter-high atrium with a subtle light installation as its centerpiece.

Flooded with daylight, all rooms and suites feature parquet flooring, walk-in closets and balconies, primarily with lake views.

The first records of viticulture in the Banat and Transylvania regions date back from the period of the Roman invasion of Dacia, in the first century AD.

Within the walls of the medieval citadel of Alba Iulia a network of inter-connected cellars were discovered; they were once used for production of sparkling wine and for storage and aging of still wines.

Mount Domogled, to the west of the resort, is an extensive forest reservation sheltering rare trees, turtles and butterflies.

Legend has it that Hercules himself bathed in the strength-giving natural springs.A trio of western Romania cities - Timisoara, Oradea and Arad - provides travelers with an insight into this region's long past and colorful traditions.Habsburg rule until 1918 introduced Art Nouveau architecture in Banat and established Timisoara as "the garden city." Frequently referred to as "Little Vienna," Timisoara has always been a progressive, cosmopolitan city.A local specialty is homemade noodles, called – prepared with cabbage or cheese, nuts, milk and poppy seeds.Another traditional dish in the Banat region is paprikash with dumplings made out of flour and egg dough boiled in salt water.

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