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Crile's report, rather than exploring the thesis laid out by Reasoner, instead focused in large measure on sexual activity, including men cruising in Buena Vista Park and interviews with so-called sadomasochism consultants.

He reported that one out of every ten deaths in San Francisco was attributable to gay men participating in BDSM and that one gay-oriented BDSM establishment's clientele engaged in sexual activity "so dangerous that they have a gynecological table there with a doctor and nurse on hand to sew people up." Crile also included footage of Feinstein, in the midst of a run-off election to retain her mayorship, appearing before the Harvey Milk Democratic Club, an LGBT Democrat organization.

George Crile became interested in making "Gay Power, Gay Politics" after learning of the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights scheduled for October 1979.

What we'll see is the birth of a political movement and the troubling questions it raises for the eighties, not only for San Francisco, but for other cities throughout the country.

Crile also produced the episode with co-producer Grace Diekhaus.

He conceived the show after becoming aware of the 1979 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights and took as his focus the 1979 San Francisco mayoral election.

and the political strength of the gay voting bloc in the city, which the several candidates were courting.

He brought Grace Diekhaus in to co-produce with him and secured approval from CBS.

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