Who is holland taylor dating great expectations dating boca raton

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"My life choices are, um, unconventional," she confides."I’m with a much older person and people find that totally fascinating and odd, and, to me, it’s the least interesting thing about me."Paulson adds, "But I do feel a bit unconventional."The Emmy winner shares that when she first started dating Taylor, she was told that it could have a negative impact on her acting career."What I can say absolutely is that I am in love, and that person happens to be Holland Taylor."The two actresses met at a dinner party about 10 years ago, but Paulson had been dating actress Cherry Jones—who is 18 years older than she— at the time.Despite her relationship status, Paulson admitted to the publication that she thought Taylor was "probably the most exquisitely beautiful woman I'd ever seen." A few years later they bumped into each other again, and ultimately began communicating via direct messages on Twitter.

I am the captain of my own ship, and I’ve never looked to anyone else to validate that, or tell me it’s okay.” star that dating Taylor could keep her from getting work.But I do feel a bit unconventional." "I am a woman of a certain age who chose not to have children, and who has made my career my priority.I am the captain of my own ship, and I've never looked to anyone else to validate that, or tell me it's okay." "Early on, when people found out I was with Holland, some said: 'I think you have to be careful, I'm afraid it's going to affect your career negatively.' I was like, what? But I had a moment of societal concern; wondering if, maybe, people who didn't know that about me would be like, wait, what?One thing led to another, and the two went on a date and they've been in a relationship ever since.Paulson told the that they've been an item for a little more than a year.

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