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This is a story full of love, Mistakes, Accidents, and how Mr and Mrs Darcy try to manage them. I know, I may have a lot of mistakes and a weak plot, forgive me for that.

Time and space bent to bring Kagome to the feudal era because of the Shikon Jewel and yet it is complete and she remains.He comes to the realization that even though they loved each other in a past life, they don't really know each other in this life. While Darcy finds himself equally annoyed and intrigued by this new acquaintance with the captivating brown eyes.(c)It's high school.Rumors are spread, feelings are realized, hearts are crushed, and drama unfolds!A bite, a lord, and a hidden history that can no longer be suppressed.It has been several years since the last of Earth's enemies were defeated by the Sailor Scouts.

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